Size: 4.3″
Display type: TTFT color touch screen (LED backlight), 65536 colors TFT LCD with LED Backlight, Max. colors 16-bit
(hr) Backlight life: 20000hours /hrs
(OS) Working memory: 32M
(AP) Program memory: 8M
(Data File) Data memory : 128M 10:N/A 20:128M N/A
Serial interface: COM1:RS232/422/485 COM2:N/A COM3:RS232(可选RS485)
USB : 1 master,1 Slave(USB2.0)
Ethernet: 1/2:N/A 4:Yes(10/100M )
Input voltage : 24VDC±10%
Panel size(w * h, mm): 130.0*106.2
Cutout dimension(A*B mm) : 119.0*93.0

  • Industrial HMIOEM Customization

    Various forms

    1. All-in-one: HMI+PLC
    2. Front USB interface
    3. Front function keys
    4. Customization external keyboard
    5. Hand-held design
    6. VESA installation design
    7. Bare computer supply
    8. Accept customization

    Rich interface options

    1. Ethernet
    2. Micro SD socket
    3. RS232 serial port
    4. RS485/422 serial port
    5. Audio output interface
    6. Image input interface
    7. CAN bus interface
    8. VNC network remote monitoring
    9. U disk, USB download,
    USB mouse, USB keyboard,
    USB printer, etc. ge input interface

  • 参数名参数值
    Model Type:AST-043T
    Size of the Size:4.3"
    Resolution Max. Resolution:480*272
    Display type Display type:TFT color touch screen (LED backlight),65536 colors TFT LCD with LED Backlight ,Max. colors 16-bit
    Hr Backlight life:20000 hours /hrs
    CD /m2 Display contrast:400
    Touch the Touch panel:4-wire analog touch panel
    CPU central processing unit:ARM926EJ-S 32 位 RISC ARM9 32Bit
    Graphics accelerator Graphics accelerator:2D engine graphics accelerator
    Battery memory Backup SRAM:128KB (1024KB
    Working memory (OS) Working memory:32MB
    Application memory (AP) Program memory:64MB
    Data File Data memory:8MB
    Micro SD card expansion slot Micro SD slot:N/A
    Calendar (clock) real-time clock(RTC): Yes(disposable batteries, use time of 3 years)
    Max screen:Within 30 pages
    USB:1 master,1 Slave(USB2.0)
    The Front function keys: Customization options(F1~F7)
    Front USB Front USB:Customizable options (1 Master USB2.0)
    Input voltage:12-24VDC±10%
    Power-on power Consumption:13W
    Operating temperature:-10-60℃ ( Customization options -30-70℃ )
    Storage temperature:-20-60℃
    Relative humidity:10%-90%
    Front panel waterproof and dustproof grade Ingress protection:IP54( Customization options IP65)
    Resistance to shock vibration:10-55Hz( X, Y, Z three axial, 1G, 30 minute shock test)
    EMI:FCC Part 15 Class A
    Cooling method:Natural cooling
    Panel size(w * h, mm):130.0*106.2
    Cutout dimension (A*B mm):119.0*93.0