A6 series inverter

1. A6 series is a high performance vector/torque control inverter, G type is constant torque/heavy load, overload capacity is 150% 1 minute, L type is variable torque/light load, overload capacity is 115% 1 minute.

2. The standard built-in brake unit is less than 15K, 18.5-45 kW/55–7kW. If additional built-in brake units are required, please specify when ordering.

  • Characteristic performance:

    Revolving speed
    tracking start
    The frequency converter recognizes the speed of the rotating motor and directly tracks the start from the identified frequency.
    The current and voltage in the starting process are smooth and no-impact

    Low frequency high
    Closed loop vector control 0.00Hz 180%; Open loop vector control 2:0.25Hz 180% ; Open loop vector control 1: 0.50Hz 180%

    Key functionsTorque/speed control mode switching, multi-function input/output terminals, undervoltage regulation, three-way switching,
    revolving speed tracking,torque limit, multi-speed operation (up to 23 sections), auto-tuning, S-curve acceleration/deceleration
    slip compensation, PID adjustment, droop control, current limit control, manual/automatic torque boost, current limit

    Frequency range0 . 00~300 . 00 H z Note: Open loop vector control 1 mode 0 . 0 ~ 3000 . 0 H z can be customized according to customer needs

    Starting frequency0. 00~60. 00Hz

    Acceleration and
    deceleration time
    0. 1 ~ 36000s. (A4 above supports 0.01s)

    Energy consumption
    braking capacity
    Braking unit operating voltage: 650 to 750V

    DC braking capabilityDC braking starting frequency: 0. 00 ~ 300. 00Hz. DC braking current: constant torque 0. 0 ~ 120. 0%; variable torque 0. 0 ~ 90.
    0% DC braking time: 0. 0~30. 0s: No need of DC brake start waiting time for quick braking

    Flux brake functionContinuing operating, no operating is optional during deceleration, factory default does not operate during deceleration

    Copy of parametersThe standard operation panel can realize parameter uploading and downloading with a copy progress indication; the uploaded
    parameters can be selected to be prohibited from being uploaded and overwritten.

    Common DC busFull series can realize multiple frequency converters sharing DC bus power supply

    Independent ductThe whole series adopts independent air duct design to support the ambient installation mode of radiator

    Universal expansion
    Support customers for secondary development of universal expansion board with CPU: Physical interface SPI bus, software protocol
    Mod bus

    Expansion cardPG feedback card, constant pressure water supply module, Modbus, Profibus, Can communication adapter

    Power on self-
    Achieve power-on self-inspection of internal and external circuits, such as motor grounding, +10 V power output abnormality,
    analog input abnormality, and disconnection.

    Special protectionUndervoltage, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, interference protection, auto-tuning fault, module protection,
    radiator overheat protection, frequency converter overload protection, motor overload protection, peripheral protection,
    abnormal current detection, abnormal output short circuit current to earth, abnormal power off during operation, input power
    supply abnormality, output phase loss abnormality, EEPROM abnormality, relay pull-in abnormality, temperature sampling
    disconnection, encoder disconnection, +10 V power output abnormality, analog input abnormality, motor overheat (PTC),
    communication abnormality, version compatibility abnormalit y, copy abnormality, expansion card connection abnormality, terminal
    mutex check failed, hardware overload protection

  • A6Series frequency converter adaptor motor list

    Power (kW)0.751.

    Motor power (kW)0.751.

    OutputVoltage (V)3 Phase 0- Rated AC input voltage3 Phase 0- Rated AC input voltage3 Phase 0- Rated AC input voltage
    Rated current(A)
    Overload capacity150% 1 minute, 180% 10 seconds, 200% 0.5 seconds, interval 10 minutes (inverse time limit characteristi c)

    InputRated voltage/frequencyThree-phase 380V-480V; 50Hz/60HzThree-phase 380V-480V; 50Hz/60HzThree-phase 380V-480V; 50Hz/60Hz
    Allowable range323V -528V, voltage unbalance degree: ≤ 3%, allowable frequency fluctuation: ±5%
    Rated current(A)

    Braking unitStandard built-inStandard built-inStandard built-inStandard built-inBuilt-in optionalBuilt-in optionalBuilt-in optional

    Protection classIP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20

    Cooling methodSelf-coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air cooling


    Power (kW)7590110132160185200220280315355400450800

    Motor power (kW)7590110132160185200220280315355400450800

    OutputVoltage (V)3 Phase 0- Rated AC input voltage3 Phase 0- Rated AC input voltage3 Phase 0- Rated AC input voltage
    Rated current(A)1501765.59131724303945607591112
    Overload capacity150% 1 minute, 180% 10 seconds, 200% 0.5 seconds, interval 10 minutes (inverse time limit characteristi c)

    InputRated voltage/frequencyThree-phase 380V-480V; 50Hz/60HzThree-phase 380V-480V; 50Hz/60HzThree-phase 380V-480V; 50Hz/60Hz
    Allowable range323V -528V, voltage unbalance degree: ≤ 3%, allowable frequency fluctuation: ±5%
    Rated current(A)2011609.214.921.527.93950.36069.386104124150

    Braking unitBuilt-in optionalExternal braking unit requiredExternal braking unit requiredExternal braking unit required

    Protection classIP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20

    Cooling methodForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air coolingForced air cooling